We are preservation breeders and will ALWAYS breed to the breed standard.

At Turbar Aussies we strive to produce the best possible puppies with each litter and will place these puppies in only the best homes. This is why we only have a limited number of litters. We strive for quality NOT quantity, and only breed a litter when we are looking for a puppy ourselves.

We stand behind our puppies. We offer a full guarantee covering hereditary defects. Both pet and show quality puppies are sold with a contract. We maintain first right of refusal on all puppies. We will take a puppy back if a situation does not work out. We strive to place our puppies where both puppy and people will be happy.

We do not sell our puppies to pet shops, puppy mills or research facilities. We do not support or recommend breeders who breed before ALL health clearances are done and posted, Nor do we support or recommend those who breed dogs with genetic faults (ei, epilepsy, iris coloboma, hip displaysia etc) no matter how popular the dog seems to be....this is against our breeding philosophy!! We do not support the breeding of "mini" or "toy" Aussies, there is NO size variety of the Australian Shepherd. AKC, CKC (Canadian Kennel Club) nor ASCA recognize's any size variety of the Australian Shepherd and we frown upon those who breed "mini" or "toy" Aussie. "Those interested in the Australian Shepherd should be aware there are no size varieties of Australian Shepherds. There is no officially recognized Australian Shepherd variety such as "Standard," "Mini/Miniature," or "Toy" Australian Shepherd. Advertisers of Standard, Miniature, and Toy Varieties of Australian Shepherds are simply employing marketing terminologies to facilitate the sale of animals to the unsuspecting public that are, in reality, just dramatically smaller than the norm. Responsible, reputable Australian Shepherd breeders who care about protecting this unique, American breed of stock dog do not promote the sale of Standard or Miniature or Toy Varieties of Australian Shepherds. This is a marketing ploy to sell faulty, undersized pups for increased prices."

At Turbar Aussies we interview perspective buyers carefully. We reserve the right not to sell a puppy to a home where we believe the puppy will not be best suited. We also insist that all "pet" puppies be spayed or neutered at sexual maturity.

A reminder: Turbar Aussie puppies are available to approved homes only. Do not be offended if we ask a great number of questions about your home and lifestyle; we are simply trying to ascertain whether or not an Turbar Aussie puppy will be a good match for you. All puppies are sold with a complete contract and are guaranteed against hereditary defects. All animals we use for breeding have CERF and OFA certification and are healthy in mind and body. All deposits are non-refundable. In the event we chance our mind, your deposit will be refunded. In the event you change your mind, your deposit will NOT be refunded. In uncontrollable situations, we may opt to transfer your deposit to another litter. 

They are not a variety of the Australian Shepherd, and are falsely advertised as such. AKC, CKC nor ASCA, the registry of Australian Shepherds do not recognize miniatures/toys as a size variety of Australian Shepherds and do not register them. Please don't let people who are giving you the illusion that they are the same breed fool you. The people breeding these "minis/toys" can not guarantee the heights of these dogs since many have 22-23 inch Australian Shepherds in their pedigrees. Many Australian Shepherd breeders have smaller Australian Shepherds that fit within our breed standard without misleading the general public as being a variety or rare. Australian Shepherd Breeders do not refer to the Australian Shepherd as Standard Australian Shepherd but as Australian Shepherds, DON'T be fooled by imitations! Breeding should be made to "improve and work towards" the benefit of a breed
not for profit.

We do not support dogs/puppies being sold in pet stores. Bringing home a new puppy is a lifetime comment of 12-15 years, not something you do on impulse. Most pet stores are not breed experts nor do they give a life time commitment to a particular breed that breeders do. They do not warrant health issues within a breed/hips or eyes etc. Be a responsible buyer, buy from a breeder!